You have heard about the term Cloud in this modern technological world. Here we will show you why it is the better decision to use cloud services than your own servers and even workstations.

Cost effective - You could start your business with less than $100 for reliable server infrastructure inspite of buying servers for $20,000 or worse - using bad old home computers for servers.
Flexible - If your business grows, you order more powerful virtual machines from the cloud. If your business needs less resources, you order less powerful virtual machines from the cloud. And you have them in minutes. Furthermore, you pay only what you use. Not buying expensive servers and you realize that you don't need so much. Or you need to buy more servers in your office, but you could not afford another $20,000 at this moment.
Reliable - The cloud infrastructure is located in specialised data centers. They have the proper air conditioning, the proper power supplies from different sources, the proper internet connection from different internet providers, the proper security (physical and virtual). Furthermore, you don't care about the amortization of the servers and for a defect hardware. If a server fails in the cloud, your virtual machine rises on another server and your business is not interrupted.
Available - The cloud service is available 24x7 and you only need internet connection to access the resources. Even your office desktop could be on the cloud and you could access it from your tablet/phone/laptop while sunbathing on the beach in Bali.

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