We do not like when someone talks about him-/herself. People should say if he/she is good or bad. But you don't know us at all, so we will tell you some of the features of our cloud.

Cost effective - You need more or less resources, just call or email us you will have them in minutes and you start paying more or less in minutes, too.
Reliable servers - We upgrade our infrastructure very often but if it happens that one of our servers fails, don't worry. We do regular backups and your virtual machine will arise on another server.
Reliable power supply - Our data center has two independent power sources, very reliable UPS (uninterruptible power supply) infrastructure and diesel generators. It is almost impossible for power loss.
Relible internet connection - Our data center has two independent TIER 1 internet providers, a few TIER 2 internet providers and a lot of internet exchanges composing hundreds of gigabits internet connection. It is almost impossible for no connectivity to the internet.
Reliable air conditioning - We have a redundant air conditioning system, so it is almost impossible for equipment overheating.
Security - Our data center is situated in a building which is secured by the police, so no unathorized access is possible. Furthermore, our administrators are from the best qualified in their field and the virtual security is on the highest level, too.
Personal attitude - The most important for our business is the personal attitude to the client. We will listen to you, understand your business and give you the best offer for you, even if this means receiving less money from you. A happy client will send us another happy client.

About AT Cloud

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